next playshop dates for girls


Hello You Amazing Fabulous Creative Girls!!!

Oh yes we had SUPER creative fun last month at our July Creative GIRL playshop!!!!! I’ll be sharing more about it soon, but had to include this fun photo above … it makes me grin ear-to-ear whenever I see it! (It’s my screen saver 🙂

I’m posting to share our next Creative GIRL Playshop dates for middle school girls.

Our intro Creative GIRL playshop (6, 7, and 8 graders) will be Monday Sept 30th to Wednesday Oct 2nd, 10-3 pm. Cost is $110 per girl and includes all supplies except t-shirt and photos. I have 10 spaces in this program. (this program is for girls NEW to Creative GIRL.)

Oooh and for Creative GIRLS who’ve already experienced the INTRO playshop, I’m excited to announce a special 2-day playshop on Thursday October 3 and Friday 4th, 10-3 pm. I have awesome NEW creative projects, including journaling, jewelry making, sharing, shining, and together we’ll have some MORE colorful fun! Cost $80 including supplies. I have 10 seats remaining in this program. (Once a girl has done the Intro program, she can attend this program including earlier in the week.)

I offer a $10 sibling discount for sisters registering for the same session and also offer a “pay what you can” program so no girl will be denied creative fun due to financial constraints!

Contact me to reserve a space for either of these playshops or if you have any questions.

love and gratitude,

creative girl is born

Last week a HUGE-ENORMOUS-GIGOOOOONTIC thing happened: one of my BIGGEST dreams came true: Creative G I R L was born.

I finally stopped believing that certain things needed to happen and let go and trusted that the time had come. I trusted that GIRLS would come … AND guess what?! They DID!!!!

The night before I had butterflies: I was so excited. I had been planning for weeks; planning the things we’d make, talk and share about, and the gems of wisdom (quotes) and journaling prompts. It was a ton of work, but JOY WORK that sent me to sleep with productive dreams and more butterflies.
My intention behind Creative G I R L is to offer a fun program for girls to create together while they gently become more aware of the power of their inner critic and other people’s opinions of them … and to CREATE ANYWAY. We talked about how much we enjoy being creative and that creativity comes in so many different forms. We talked about being creative for the personal joy of it, not just for other people’s approval.

We all have a right to creativity and self expression. Our world desperately NEEDS our children’s bright thoughts and original ideas. We need to do things to preserve and nurture their imaginative essence. So many things in our culture squash the creativity and joy out of us. We need an antidote: I say that antidote might be awareness and multiple opportunities to be creative simply for the joy of it.

I learned from these amazing creative girls and I am deeply grateful for their parents’ trust.

Here is the video montage, it’s a joy to me. I will always treasure this summer.

If your daughter was part of my first playshop, thank you for letting her be a part of Creative G I R L . And for you Creative GIRLS … thank you for sharing your special powers and ideas. You are CREATIVELY AWESOME!


new moon magazine for every creative girl

I’m thankful to New Moon Girls Magazine for sending a copy of their inspirational magazine for every Creative GIRL coming to this summer’s playshops! My older daughter is a magazine subscriber (thanks Nana 🙂 ) and treats every magazine like her special private treasure. She races to her room to read it cover to cover and I feel good knowing she’s taking in something worthy of her 11-year-old developing mind.

New Moon Girls Magazine is written by girls for girls, ages 8 and up. It’s ad free and shares inspirational stories about girls around the world doing powerful things, sharing examples of real girls in real life, living creatively and authentically in a real un-photoshopped world. They also have a safe online community for girls to share and shine together.

I’m thrilled to welcome New Moon Girls as our magazine sponsor and super excited that every girl in my playshop will have her own copy. But wait … there’s MORE!!! New Moon Girls has given us a special code: save 10% off the base membership price with code LUNAGIFT. Wooohooooo!

my field of dreams


Hello there, you Creative Girl!

The past few weeks have been an amazing rush of organizing, sharing, promoting, facebooking, dreaming and CREATING as my vision for Creative GIRL is coming to life. Ummm, not to mention the crazy bizzies of my Sonshine starting preschool, and my girls end-of-year tests, concerts, Girl Scouts, and finishing 5 and 6th grades!) whew. It’s all goin’ on!

The first ever Creative GIRL playshop for girls is 10 days away and I’m getting things crossed off my to-do-listypoo …

❤ The paint is here!
❤ 216 pieces of fabric have been cut, folded and ironed for super-cute headbands we are making (yes dear Mum, I actually ironed, here’s proof)
headband material

❤ The rocks are in (think monster and kindness rocks)
❤ The aluminum wire and a bazillion satin and chiffon ribbons have been cut–Shhhh, surprise for Moms!
❤ The cardboard and muslin has been cut (ready for glue and gesso for the girls to make their own handmade teeny canvases)

❤❤❤ AND 3 amazing Creative WOMEN have sponsored girls who may not otherwise be able to join in the creativity celebration. We offer scholarships to help families and ensure no Creative GIRLS will be turned away.

❤ I’ve set up Creative GIRL on facebook and began conversations to create a collage containing quotes and sentiments to share with the girls in a co-created collage. AND requested suggestions for songs girls ages 10-13 should hear. (You are invited to add your suggestions in comments below or visit and add on the fb page.)

❤ I’ve begun receiving art and creations to show to the girls made by amazing Creative WOMEN. Do YOU have anything you’ve made that you’d like to share/loan me?

❤ I’ve been bowled over by the response: the support and encouragement I’ve received from my friends and family. It’s my JOY and honor to be creating this program for some amazing young girls.

❤ And now you are reading my first official blogpost on Creative GIRL.

If you’d like to register a Creative GIRL in your life (rising 5, 6, 7th grader) it’s not too late. I still have a few spots in the June 12-14 playshop, and the July 10-13 playshops. (If these dates don’t work, please email me your girl’s next school break as I’m organizing future playshops directed by interest.) Ohh, and if you are a grown-up girl, I will be announcing our Kindness Retreat dates and info soon, so sign up top left to receive my invitation. This is for any woman in the world! (ooooohhhhh, and if you are a Creative BOY or MAN reading this thanks for everything you do to support the creativity of girls and women in your life.)

Thank you for your love, support and faith in me and my Creative GIRL dream. Off to bed I go to dream of ironing boards and paintbrushes…