Creative G I R L offers nurturing playshops* for girls to explore their creativity, their unique voices, and kindness in thought and in action. Together we celebrate our super powers and our natural creative curiosity and abilities.

*Playshops are like workshops, but NO work is involved, only PLAY. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, except to have SERIOUS FUN. Every playshop has a sharing circle to listen and learn from each other. We write, paint, think, create, move, laugh and SHINE!

Creative G I R L intends to nurture and inspire creativity through exploration of the arts (art, music, writing, expression), and intentional acts of kindness and creativity within our immediate community, and globally as possible.

Creative G I R L was founded by Becky Jaine Suzik, a social artist, writer, wife, and mother of 3. The first playshop was held in June 2013 for girls from Raleigh, Wake Forest and Apex, NC.

Becky is focused on serving people and honoring the earth’s resources by choosing creative projects that upcycle and use/reuse locally-sourced materials to limit fossil fuel and emissions in goods transportation.  She prefers used to new in most everything, except chocolate.

Becky is the space holder for the Sacred Kindness Circle; a circle of women honoring kindness by creating things–messages, art, soup, blankets, etc.–for strangers and organizations in need.

Becky is a writer, storyteller, artist, social artist and musician, who celebrates all these passions in her work. (Becky finds it funny to write about herself in the third person.)

Umm, I am super excited about celebrating our CREATIVITY! Nurturing and preserving our daughters’ creativity and self-esteem is critical to the development of the imaginative solutions our world so desperately needs.

creative blessings,