Creative G I R L uses a “gift economy philosophy” meaning as much as possible, the work is offered as a gift to support girls and women’s creativity and true essence. There is a suggested gift amount for my playshops, which pays for supplies, facility rental and may offer a modest wage to support me and my family. No one will ever be turned away if they are unable to gift financially. I will not let money prevent me from supporting you or your daughter, or from doing work I believe in for our community: nurturing girls’ and women’s creativity, voices and compassion.

There are countless creative ways to help Creative GIRL: sponsoring girls’ attendance, purchasing or donating supplies, and giving of your time and energy to spread the word about Creative GIRL to engage and activate as many girls as possible.

I am grateful we do this work together. ❤

We appreciate financial donations to underwrite the cost of some girls’ attendance fees, to ensure this program is accessible to any girl interested, regardless of her financial situation.
We are grateful for donations of creativity products for our playshops.
We thank YOU for your help spreading the word out Creative GIRL, promoting the playshops through your own referrals and social media.  I choose to invest all money I receive to the girls’ experiences, NOT in promotion. Please tell your friends and family who have daughters by sharing the CG facebook page .

We are grateful to New Moon Girl magazine, a beautiful and empowering ad-free magazine for girls ages 8 and up. New Moon Girl has provided a copy of their magazine to every girl that comes through our summer program. They also offer a discount code LUNAGIFT to receive 10% off the base member price. Thank you NMG!

New Moon Girls logo

I appreciate anything you can give to Creative GIRL: your time, your enthusiasm, your sharing, your donations, your gifts … let them shine!  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Contact me for more details.

in gratitude…



Becky J Suzik