the creative girls of summer

creative girl collage summer 2014 aug

Dear Creatifuls,

Let us NOT forget the very serious (and creative) nature of play. This past July marked the FIFTH creative GIRL playshop where we had some serious creative fun, it was inspiring. 12 girls, mounds of creative supplies, some gifted to my program by people who believe in what we are doing. I am deeply grateful to my friends Marie, Theresa, Adrienne, Paula, Eliza, Susi and Keara for supporting creative GIRL with supply donations and your time helping prepare and clean up the creative girl traildust. Your love, friendship and generous support means so much to me, thank you thank you thank YOU! And to our amazing intern who helped set up but wasn’t able to play this time. Thank you creatiful Anna! (You’ll get to play next time I promise 🙂 )

And of course, the creative GIRLs yourselves! I am constantly surprised and inspired by your curiosity, your playfulness and how easily you get into the flow of creativity. (Thank you to your families for bringing you too!)

It is my absoulute joy and privilege to supports girls in creative exploration of the expressive arts. We make lots of things, learn about different art and craft supplies, but most importantly we celebrate the gift of ourselves. Creative GIRL is a time and space for girls (tween ages 10 to 14) to create, share and talk about being true to ourselves, discovering things we can do when we don’t know quite what to do, and talking about the challenges of being. We also talk about kindness … how to be kind to ourselves AND how to be kind to others in our community and to Mama Earth.

Every time the creative Girls get together something heals inside me. I have a dear new friend in Virginia named Wendy Cook. She is a mother and artist and the founder of Mighty Girl Art. (Wendy passionately creates experiences honoring girls’ creative hearts too. How blessed am I to have found her!!!!!)  A few months ago we talked about the surprising healing that happens to us, as we listen to the girls open to one another, as we watch them experience new creative expressions of themselves. We–as facilitators–benefit deeply and feel a healing as we witness in them the very thing that was missing from our own tweenage years.

That’s one of the many reasons I feel so privileged to be bringing forth creative GIRL–defining it for girls and women in my community, and perhaps in due time, for people in other parts of the world through online offerings.

Anyway, I wanted to write and share a few pictures from July’s playshop and remind those of you with girls who are still out of school and are in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or Chapel Hill area, that we have openings in the August playshop August 5th to the 7th (tues to thurs) from 10 am to 4 pm daily in Northeast Raleigh. If she’d like to join us fill out form here to reserve her spot!

creatiful blessings and love,
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creative girl july session: ready, set GO!!!!

cggoodies summer 2014

The night before every creative GIRL I get butterflies… like it’s Christmas!!!! kind of butterflies.

I get to set up a creative party for 12 girls. Art supplies, material, crafts AND upcycle materials. Then for 3 days I get to watch the girls make stuff, share with each other, and help one another. We talk about kindness, creativity and being our true selves.

This is my job. My sacred business. My JOY!

How lucky am I?!

wishing YOU creatiful blessings,


P.S. Our July playshop is full, but we have openings for the August 5-7 playshop. Contact me or fill out this form here to register and if it’s not time for your girl, I’d be so very grateful if you’d help me spread the word. (I don’t spend money on advertising … shhhh, don’t tell my college advertising prof.)

P.P.S. If you likey please join our joyfilled facebook page.

P.P.P.S couldn’t resist … had to share this picture of creative goodies… hope it inspires you to GO MAKE SOMETHING!!!!

guess creative girl summer2014

my passion, my purpose — YOU!

Dear Creative GIRLs (and the wonderful people who love them)~

Starting Creative GIRL has been one of the most amazing things I’ve EVER been part of. The revealing of this teeny little idea that is now a sacred business … well, I’ve been part of a group birthing process, birthing of an unknown radical idea, that so many people have supported this past year.

As a PR professional, I spent nearly 20 years promoting other people’s ideas, businesses and dreams. As a  writer I interviewed and wrote about some remarkable, inspired and passionate thought leaders and entrepreneurs. I was gifted a front row seat to their magic powers and how they achieved their successes! I was very blessed indeed. Unbeknownst to me I was in training for something really important, so very needed in our world.

After the interviews, while listening to the interview recordings, I’d find myself daydreaming about the future and MY finding something that I was equally passionate about. I didn’t know what I’d be called to do, but I daydreamed and played with my imagination, and opened my heart and mind to things that concerned me.

A few years ago I wished while writing in one of my journals:

I am working and creating, using my talents and gifts to make a difference in the world while receiving, without compromising my values or my family.

Wow. Makes me teary eyed to think about, but after a long and very pregnant pause from “my career” I have finally found myself on this path–a path that found me–and now I am smack-dab in the middle this Creative GIRL REAL-LIFE sacred-business-dream.

Although I’m not making lots of profit in the way society defines success (vis a vis money), I see a TRUER profit come through this experience: The profit is YOU! The greatest gift is YOU: You lighting up in your creative abilities. You shining your joy and enthusiasm for being truly and authentically YOU, and you being thoughtful, compassionate and using your creative flair to generate kindness in your wake.

You, Creative GIRL, inspire me!

Two months ago I had an amazing opportunity to share the intentions and inspiration behind Creative GIRL through a talk called PechaKucha Night in Raleigh, NC. The format is 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide … GO! No holding slides, no repeating slides, just GO. It’s NOT like me to be nervous about public speaking, but never in my whole adult life had I given a public talk about something that I care so much about: Creative GIRL with its layers of beauty, potential, truth–is blossoming and becoming.

Now I humbly share the talk I gave. I am deeply grateful to PechaKucha Night Raleigh organizers, Cyn MacGregor and the crew at Cynergie Studio for this opportunity and for their creation of this beautiful professional video from the evening.

I leave you with this quote from Wayne Dyer:
“Only those who risk going too far will know how far they can go.”

love and heart-expanding gratitude

SUMMER 2014 playshops

Dear FABulous Creative Supernovas,

Tah-dah!!!!! So happy to announce this summer two 3-day creativity playshops dates to choose from. Working around all the school calendars, I’m trying to honor as many schools as possible.  (Please note if you would like a different date for 7-10 girls, please contact me and we can schedule a special date.)

Creative GIRL Summer Playshops

These playshops offer painting, journaling, creating, kindness activities, music and sunshine, with daily sharing circles and some activities outdoors.

Cost $160 per girl*, includes all supplies except t-shirt, bagged lunch, personal photos and a few other simple household items. List will be provided via email prior to playshop. Playshops held in Raleigh, off 540 Louisburg Road exit.

*If you want your daughter to experience Creative GIRL and your family finances are overly burdened, you are invited to contact me for more information about our pay-what-you-can program.No girl will be denied Creative GIRL due to family finances, because there are far too many wonderful things that our children would benefit from that are  made inaccessible due to the expectation of money. If you are in a position to support us by purchasing supplies, or sponsoring a girl this summer, we accept donations to cover girls’ expenses via paypal link on right or you can get in touch with me or check out the support page.

Playshops are for rising 6th to 9th grade (ages 10-15) girls.

JULY          July 8, 9 and 10th, 2014, 10 am to 4 pm. (tues-thurs) 6 spaces remain

AUGUST    August 5, 6 and 7th, 2014, 10 am to 4 pm. (tue-thurs) 10 spaces remain

🙂 Click REGISTER button below 🙂

kindness register button

Questions, comments, requests? Email me.

I’m looking forward to sharing, creating and shining together this summer. Please know I do not spend money on advertising, any money I earn goes into programming and supplies (and any extra supports me and my family). I depend on YOU to tell your friends with girls this age to bring new girls to Creative GIRL. Please share my Web site and facebook page . Thank you for your help spreading the good word 🙂

creative blessings,

bravely be the change

‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’
Albert Einstein

Dear Creatives,
Ahhh a new year! I can’t help but dream new ideas and intentions for 2014, especially relating to my commitment to creative empowerment.

I’ve been thinking about my intentions behind Creative GIRL and how I can truly make a difference, especially during uncertain times where creativity and arts are threatened in our culture for far too many reasons to go into now.

How can I somehow contribute to solutions, by using my energy and time to fuel our girls’ passions for creativity: both through creative actions and creative thinking? I don’t want to contribute in any way to the problems of our society, instead I hope to somehow play a small and humble part of healing. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna use my creative heart and try.

A bit more about Creative GIRL
Creative GIRL programs intend to nurture and inspire girls’ creativity through exploration of the arts (art, music, writing, expression), and intentional acts of kindness and creativity within our immediate community, here in little ole Raleigh/Wake Forest.

During our playshops we learn and share in a special talking circle, and we have a “no down talk” rule meaning no one should say negative things about themselves or others or our creations. Every girl is encouraged to learn and be inspired by other girls’ actions and creations. Nothing is considered copying … just inspiration. It’s a special time to be ourselves and play and be creative!

Money Schmoney
I’ve thought a lot about money and how to charge and receive and make a living for my offerings.  I recently read an amazing book called Sacred Economics by Yale scholar Charles Eisenstein (book is available for free online). His work has inspired me to act differently about how I offer my programs–and to offer them as a gift to the girls and women I am inspired by. In the spirit of what Charles calls “The Gift Economy.” I’m sharing what it costs me personally for each girl to attend the program (costs of supplies and facility rental). This cost does not include my time or at all, only the bare costs. In addition to paying this, I am asking families to gift additional funds, as their budgets allow to pay for my time and support my work and help me support my own family.

Times are challenging and many families are stressed over money. Because I’m the chief monkey in charge, creating the Creative GIRL Empire (tongue in cheek) I get to make all the big decisions about how to operate this sacred business. Woohoo! I NEVER want a girl’s participation to cause money stress. It’s important that every girl who likes the program is never denied due to money.

That being said, I am asking those who can afford to, to support me and my work financially.

Creative GIRL local playshops are especially created for the girls in my community. I trust in my community and the families of the girls I serve to sustain me and the Creative GIRL program: as we give so shall we receive. I believe this. The January 1-day programs hard cost is about $25 for supplies and facility rental per girl per day. If your daughter would like to attend, I invite you to pay what you can, considering how much it costs me (both in supplies and all my planning and time with your daughter). Compensate me based on the value this program brings to your daughter, within your financial picture.

I create Creative GIRL programs as a gift to our girls, and in the spirit of giving, I relinquish control of what I may receive in return.

I believe with all my heart that we need to do all we can to promote and nurture our girls’ love and belief in their own creativity, their creative actions AND creative thinking. Change starts within, yes Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We need to do things differently and I accept responsibility and know that I need to do things differently–more creatively. Our world needs creative girls!!!

in gratitude,
ps We still have openings in the upcoming CG playshops 🙂 Contact me to register.

Monday January 20th 10 am to 5 pm—blankets for every girl AND for Project Linus, a non-profit organization gifting blankets to children and adults in need of some warm fuzzy love. We’ll also be doing some painting, have hot chocolate and make some scarves (some for the girls AND some to gift).

Tuesday January 21st 10 am to 5 pm—the art of handmade books for every girl AND for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. We’ll learn about handmade books, several different styles and make a special art-journal themed “All about ME” (that’s your creative girl, not me. Hahaha) and we’ll have hot cocoa.

kindness is creative (jan 2014 playshops)

winter playshop 2014 creative girl

Dear Creative GIRLS,

This has been an amazing year of ideas, creativity, play and planning for me. I want to thank YOU for joining the Creative GIRL circle and thank you for coming out and playing with me and the other girls. I also want to thank your families for believing and trusting in my ideas so I could get Creative GIRL out of my head and into our corner of the world in Raleigh/Wake Forest! Weeeeheeeeee! You see???? This is the power of a creative idea coming to life! Together we brought lots of play, energy and creations to the world (and wasn’t it fun!?).

Without YOU there would be no Creative GIRL program. Beautiful Powerful CREATIVE GIRLS, YOU are the reason I started this program! I believe in you and I want to do do all I can to support YOUR creativity and joy in the creative process!

I’m working on the next Creative GIRL playshops, happy to announce they will be January 20, 2014 AND January 21st, 2014. These playshops will mean a bit longer day than previous playshops as I want to get as much into each day as possible, so we’ll play from 10 am until 5 pm. It’s going to be a blast!

You can sign up for ONE day OR TWO, YES come to both days if you are on Wake County’s calendar! Cost is $60 a day and includes your supplies.

Here’s the scoop!

TootoDOoooo! trumpets are calling all middle-school-aged Creative GIRLS to the Winter one or two-day playshop! We are playing from 10-5 (yes new times) and focusing on the power of Creative Kindness in our KINDESS IS CREATIVE PLAYSHOPS.


❤ MONDAY January 20th, 2014, 10-5 you’ll make TWO warm fleece blankets: one just for YOU and one for Project Linus–an org giving handmade blankies to folks in need of a little fuzzy kindness! We’ll also make some fleece scarves: some for you, and some to gift to a cause we determine when we are together.

❤ TUESDAY, January 21, 2014, 10-5 come and learn the art of making handmade books. You’ll make and decorate two different book types. You’ll also make a couple extra books to gift to kids undergoing cancer treatment at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.

✿ Class size is limited to keep it personal and fabulous! Bring your own lunch and water bottles, PLUS your creative ideas for target benefactors.

✿ Playshops are held in Northeast Raleigh close to Rolesville/Wake Forest. Address will be sent via email.

✿ questions contact me


photo above features creative GIRLS and creations from the Fall 2013 playshop

love & gratitude for creative YOU,

photo video from our july playshop– J O Y!

So much gratitude to the girls from the summer playshops. The girls in this video came to play in the July session.

I had so much fun getting to know each of you and learning more about creativity because of our time together last month. You are amazingly creative, smart and powerful girls!!!!

Next playshop for girls who’ve done the intro program is Oct 3-4 from 10-3. Email me to reserve a spot (8 remaining). If this date doesn’t work, let me know when you are on break and I’ll organize another one.

BIG thanks and love to my dear friends Eliza and Adrienne: Eliza for doing the beautiful hair shimmers for the girls, and to Adrienne for coming and photographing our jumps for JOY. (Eliza is available for hire for b-day parties email me for her contact info. 🙂

love, love, and more creative love,