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This page is to share your thoughts feelings and sentiments with our amazing, powerful, creative girls–of my community and girls around the world!

If you are reading this–whether you have a daughter or not–please consider leaving a message on this new page I just created called “Send her your love.”  Tell her how you feel about the role of girls, about her being true to herself, about her value and importance in our world. This can be a message that you wish you had been told when you were younger. There is no right or wrong, just share from your heart.

Click in the Reply field below, enter your message and click “Submit”. Send a message you think every girl should hear. This could be something you wish you had heard when you were a young or something you think is particularly relevant, supportive or important for girls. Include your first name, age and where you live (or you can be anonymous).

Speak from your heart and click submit. Your message will go into moderation. I’ll approve messages and eventually generate some type of artful display or project for the girls with the collection of messages.

Thank you for sending girls your love.


Lucy H. Pearce You are not alone. Ever.
Lucy H. Pearce Live out your rainbow of abilities, be you in all your colours.
Stephanie Anderson Ladd Believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, never give up on your dreams!
Cecilia St. King You are made in the image of the Creator. In that way, just like we inherit our talents from our genetic lineage. i.e., from our parents, grandparents, etc., we have inherited the same ability to create our own world, just like our Father/Mother God. Trust your intuition. It’s right in the middle of your gut! Your inside’s ALWAYS knows what’s right and wrong. LOVE yourself. You’re so fabulous just the way you are. <

6 thoughts on “send her your love

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  2. Listen to the inspirational ones who say you can do anything you want…and then remember you have permission to be that one most important, vital person in your child ‘s life. You are perhaps much more doing the good work when you are there every minute for your children, keeping your boundaries intact, keeping *you* intact, but giving them the guidelines they need to navigate the world as caring, loving, strong human beings:) My messages growing up were from a stay at home mom with very low self esteem, so she didn’t value raising us as important. She thought I should be a marine biologist, a professional musician, anything but be like her. When I went on, after a professional career as a stage manager, to have three kids close together, our relationship imploded. Eight years later, we are still figuring out how we stand, but she has never said, as my godmother has, that I am doing important work and doing it well. The words”you can do anything” means just that. ANYTHING. Take care, you:)

  3. Take the time to understand, learn and accept who you REALLY are and what you REALLY need in you life to make you truly happy…. and then take responsibility for every decision, action and thought you have. Once you accept responsibility for everything that you are and do you will never be a victim, you will always have power inside you. You will always have a choice to do or not do, even if it isn’t such a great choice in the long run, you can accept and learn from that, if you blame others you will give away your power and sit in the shadows. Life is utterly beautiful. Even the difficult stuff is teaching you a lesson in patience or self awareness or something, so have gratitude for everything, no matter how small, this will make your heart shine. Finally, be kind – there is no excuse for meanness – particularly to yourself, you are beautiful, powerful and you deserve joy.

  4. You are awesome just the way you are. You can do what you want, be what you want, and be who you are, too. I hope that you are proud of yourself and believe in yourself right now, not just for who you think you’re going to be later. You are amazing.

  5. Respect yourself enough to make sure others treat you with respect too. Believe in yourself, you are the only expert on You! You are the only Perfect You, with all your talents & challenges, nobody else can take that place on this earth.

  6. Surround yourself with people who love and care for you and when you’re feeling down – start giving back to those people who cared for you. Serving others heals your own heart. Xoxo

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