new moon magazine for every creative girl

I’m thankful to New Moon Girls Magazine for sending a copy of their inspirational magazine for every Creative GIRL coming to this summer’s playshops! My older daughter is a magazine subscriber (thanks Nana 🙂 ) and treats every magazine like her special private treasure. She races to her room to read it cover to cover and I feel good knowing she’s taking in something worthy of her 11-year-old developing mind.

New Moon Girls Magazine is written by girls for girls, ages 8 and up. It’s ad free and shares inspirational stories about girls around the world doing powerful things, sharing examples of real girls in real life, living creatively and authentically in a real un-photoshopped world. They also have a safe online community for girls to share and shine together.

I’m thrilled to welcome New Moon Girls as our magazine sponsor and super excited that every girl in my playshop will have her own copy. But wait … there’s MORE!!! New Moon Girls has given us a special code: save 10% off the base membership price with code LUNAGIFT. Wooohooooo!