bravely be the change

‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’
Albert Einstein

Dear Creatives,
Ahhh a new year! I can’t help but dream new ideas and intentions for 2014, especially relating to my commitment to creative empowerment.

I’ve been thinking about my intentions behind Creative GIRL and how I can truly make a difference, especially during uncertain times where creativity and arts are threatened in our culture for far too many reasons to go into now.

How can I somehow contribute to solutions, by using my energy and time to fuel our girls’ passions for creativity: both through creative actions and creative thinking? I don’t want to contribute in any way to the problems of our society, instead I hope to somehow play a small and humble part of healing. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna use my creative heart and try.

A bit more about Creative GIRL
Creative GIRL programs intend to nurture and inspire girls’ creativity through exploration of the arts (art, music, writing, expression), and intentional acts of kindness and creativity within our immediate community, here in little ole Raleigh/Wake Forest.

During our playshops we learn and share in a special talking circle, and we have a “no down talk” rule meaning no one should say negative things about themselves or others or our creations. Every girl is encouraged to learn and be inspired by other girls’ actions and creations. Nothing is considered copying … just inspiration. It’s a special time to be ourselves and play and be creative!

Money Schmoney
I’ve thought a lot about money and how to charge and receive and make a living for my offerings.  I recently read an amazing book called Sacred Economics by Yale scholar Charles Eisenstein (book is available for free online). His work has inspired me to act differently about how I offer my programs–and to offer them as a gift to the girls and women I am inspired by. In the spirit of what Charles calls “The Gift Economy.” I’m sharing what it costs me personally for each girl to attend the program (costs of supplies and facility rental). This cost does not include my time or at all, only the bare costs. In addition to paying this, I am asking families to gift additional funds, as their budgets allow to pay for my time and support my work and help me support my own family.

Times are challenging and many families are stressed over money. Because I’m the chief monkey in charge, creating the Creative GIRL Empire (tongue in cheek) I get to make all the big decisions about how to operate this sacred business. Woohoo! I NEVER want a girl’s participation to cause money stress. It’s important that every girl who likes the program is never denied due to money.

That being said, I am asking those who can afford to, to support me and my work financially.

Creative GIRL local playshops are especially created for the girls in my community. I trust in my community and the families of the girls I serve to sustain me and the Creative GIRL program: as we give so shall we receive. I believe this. The January 1-day programs hard cost is about $25 for supplies and facility rental per girl per day. If your daughter would like to attend, I invite you to pay what you can, considering how much it costs me (both in supplies and all my planning and time with your daughter). Compensate me based on the value this program brings to your daughter, within your financial picture.

I create Creative GIRL programs as a gift to our girls, and in the spirit of giving, I relinquish control of what I may receive in return.

I believe with all my heart that we need to do all we can to promote and nurture our girls’ love and belief in their own creativity, their creative actions AND creative thinking. Change starts within, yes Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We need to do things differently and I accept responsibility and know that I need to do things differently–more creatively. Our world needs creative girls!!!

in gratitude,
ps We still have openings in the upcoming CG playshops 🙂 Contact me to register.

Monday January 20th 10 am to 5 pm—blankets for every girl AND for Project Linus, a non-profit organization gifting blankets to children and adults in need of some warm fuzzy love. We’ll also be doing some painting, have hot chocolate and make some scarves (some for the girls AND some to gift).

Tuesday January 21st 10 am to 5 pm—the art of handmade books for every girl AND for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. We’ll learn about handmade books, several different styles and make a special art-journal themed “All about ME” (that’s your creative girl, not me. Hahaha) and we’ll have hot cocoa.


One thought on “bravely be the change

  1. Sistah, I have posted this on my page in FB as well as on the UU Womenspirit FB page. YOu need to be a member of that FB page. You need to attend a WS retreat to see if it’s for you. I think you would slide in like a hand made exactly for our glove! I hope and pray that your new economics are powerfully responded to! xoxo

    Peace AND Prosperity, Kate

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