creative girl is born

Last week a HUGE-ENORMOUS-GIGOOOOONTIC thing happened: one of my BIGGEST dreams came true: Creative G I R L was born.

I finally stopped believing that certain things needed to happen and let go and trusted that the time had come. I trusted that GIRLS would come … AND guess what?! They DID!!!!

The night before I had butterflies: I was so excited. I had been planning for weeks; planning the things we’d make, talk and share about, and the gems of wisdom (quotes) and journaling prompts. It was a ton of work, but JOY WORK that sent me to sleep with productive dreams and more butterflies.
My intention behind Creative G I R L is to offer a fun program for girls to create together while they gently become more aware of the power of their inner critic and other people’s opinions of them … and to CREATE ANYWAY. We talked about how much we enjoy being creative and that creativity comes in so many different forms. We talked about being creative for the personal joy of it, not just for other people’s approval.

We all have a right to creativity and self expression. Our world desperately NEEDS our children’s bright thoughts and original ideas. We need to do things to preserve and nurture their imaginative essence. So many things in our culture squash the creativity and joy out of us. We need an antidote: I say that antidote might be awareness and multiple opportunities to be creative simply for the joy of it.

I learned from these amazing creative girls and I am deeply grateful for their parents’ trust.

Here is the video montage, it’s a joy to me. I will always treasure this summer.

If your daughter was part of my first playshop, thank you for letting her be a part of Creative G I R L . And for you Creative GIRLS … thank you for sharing your special powers and ideas. You are CREATIVELY AWESOME!



be creative, be kind...

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