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Creative G I R L celebrates girls by honoring their natural creativity and by nurturing compassion and self authenticity. If we haven’t met yet and you are considering Creative GIRL for your daughter, I humbly share some thoughts from people who know me. (If you want to speak with me directly please email me and we can schedule a time to talk.)

      the Girls say…

E, 11– This is a chance for other girls who are shy to make new friends. We learn lots of new arts and things we learn can become one of your new hobbies. I learn from other girls about what creativity is.

K, 11– I like that sometimes there are a bunch of girls I don’t know coming together to learn and be creative together. Creativity never has to be perfect. It’s really about doing what you love.

A, 13– It’s a small group you get to be creative and show your true colors.

A, 11– I like when we do projects they don’t have to be a certain way, I can create it however I want.

E, 11– I like being outside. Whenever I hear nature I feel more relaxed and can do things much easier.

A, 11– I like there’s no right or wrong way. The crafts are really fun and I make new friends and deepen friendships. AND we have fun!

    the Mothers say…

My 11 year old daughter attended the Creative Girl workshop in July. She didn’t know any of the girls before she arrived. She is not an overly social girl – and this was out of her normal comfort zone. She had a wonderful time, finding it an atmosphere of support and acceptance and fun. She couldn’t believe how fast each day flew by and was “not quite done” by the last day. She is signed up for the October event for girls who have already attended a Creative Girl playshop. She didn’t hesitate to say she was in even though again, no “known” friends will be attending with her. There aren’t many “non-sport” activities that I am comfortable allowing her to participate in at this age, for this many hours, without my being in attendance. This is one of them!
~Teresa P.

For those of you who have or know someone with a daughter in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and want a place for them to spend a day with girls their age in a positive environment go to and stay tuned for the next playshop. My daughter went today and had the best time & can’t wait to go again. Thank you Becky Jaine for offering a safe place for our girls to go and be treated kindly by other girls. It’s so important they know not all girls are mean.
~Renee A.

   other Women say…

Becky is one of the most caring, kind, and compassionate women that I’ve ever met. The relationship she has with her own two girls is one that any mother would feel blessed to have. But okay, enough of this…Becky is fun, fun, fun! She packs more into a day than most of us do in a week. And it’s not only fun, but creative, thoughtful, and kindness based fun. I wish I’d had a friend like Becky when my daughter was growing up. But if you really want to find out who Becky is, just spend some time with her. You’ll hear it, see it, and feel it right away. You’ll know in your heart that this is a person who will enrich your daughter, nourish her spirit, and make her feel good about herself and her place in the world.
 ~Paula, Raleigh, NC

Becky, My heart sang when I learned you are hosting the Creative Girl program. Since I’ve known you through the Kindness Circle, I’ve seen your ability to influence and empower others (young and old alike) through your authentic expression of kindness, caring, joy, and creativity. I cannot think of anyone more perfectly aligned to offer some very fortunate young ladies a grand experience, an experience that is sure to shape their lives to come in a very positive way. I wish you the very best of luck and thank you for stepping into this very purposeful endeavor.
~Marcia, Raleigh, NC

I has been my distinct pleasure and honor to know Becky for almost fifteen years, but my mere words cannot possibly convey the essence of a woman who’s inspired me and scores of others in so many ways. As a friend, mother, colleague, writer, and artist she is extraordinarily generous, talented, and kind. Not only did she build a Kindness Circle for women that spreads positivity that enriches the community, but has now launched Creative Girl to extend this creativity and authenticity to young women who so need to hear that message. I see Creative Girl as a blossoming tree that will enable girls to put down creative roots to sustain them throughout their young adulthood and beyond. Becky is a spirited, fun-loving and gifted teacher who will no create a truly memorable and unforgettable experience for her participants. My only regret is that I don’t have a daughter to send to her playshops, though I’ve certainly recommended them to many other families!
~Pam, Raleigh, NC

Becky is a kind-hearted, thoughtful person. Her sunny disposition always brightens my day. She is an excellent role model for her three children and sets a great example for showing concern for others while demonstrating independence for herself. These are qualities that will benefit young girls as they walk their own path through the pre-teen, teenage and young adult years.
~Patty, Zebulon, NC